的 赫尔利音乐学院 is one of the largest programs at Centenary College, with many students majoring in music or participating in ensembles. Many students also use their skills 和 talents to enrich our community. In addition to participation in the Centenary College Choir many music students sing 和 perform at church services. 的 赫尔利音乐学院 also offers three community programs for children: the 澳门新葡游戏网青年管弦乐团, 澳门新葡游戏网铃木学校,和 钢琴预备课程.

的 赫尔利音乐学院 maintains a significant connection to the Shreveport/Bossier City community through our 预备项目  和 音乐会事件 -许多全年免费向公众开放.”



的 mission of the CYO is to provide college-level playing experiences for advanced instrumentalists, 13岁及以上. 学生 who audition preferably have a skill level approximate to that of beginning college students. 澳门新葡游戏网青年管弦乐团 members perform in collaboration with the Hurley Orchestra in chamber music repertoire for strings, 木管乐器和铜管乐器以及大型管弦乐. It is also our goal to unite with great harmony the music educators, 私人教师, 和 ensemble directors in the greater Shreveport-Bossier area to create a community for our young instrumentalists. By presenting a performance of quality with the ensemble every semester, 我们努力让当地和全国都关注青年服务团, 赫尔利音乐学院, 澳门新葡游戏网


  • 由著名的教师进行全面的管弦乐训练

  • 截面

  • 经验陪同国家认可的年轻客座艺术家

  • 选修课程和理论指导, all housed in Centenary's 状态-of-the art rehearsal 和 performance venues


项目负责人: 丹Santelices has served as conductor of the Caddo Parish Elementary, Middle 和 High School Honor Orchestras 和 as the Director/Founder of the Shreveport Chamber Music Program, 它将在2018年夏天庆祝成立20周年. His Shreveport Symphony duties include providing musical 和 string instrument exposure to area elementary school children with his 社区 Service In-School Ensemble. He is currently on the faculty of Centenary College as a teacher in the 澳门新葡游戏网铃木学校, 他还指挥铃木室内乐团.

Formerly professor of violin at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, 艾斯拜瑞学院市, 以及肯塔基大学弦乐项目的教师导师, Santelices also performs with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra in Little Rock, 是特克萨卡纳交响乐团的助理首席, 也是什里夫波特巴洛克艺术家协会的成员. His music degrees are from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of Johns Hopkins University 和 Northern Illinois University.

For more information 和 to apply please contact the Music Office at 赫尔利音乐学院 at 318.869.5235或项目主管 dtmsantelices@yahoo.com or 318.773.8673.





澳门新葡游戏网铃木学校 strives to offer the highest quality string instruction in the State of Louisiana by training children, 4 - 7岁, using the Suzuki method as well as traditional materials such as scales, 练习曲, 还有补充的部分. Key components are: involved parents, well-trained teachers, 和 weekly private 和 group classes. 通过每周的笔记阅读经验在理论上, 管弦乐队, 室内乐, 我们力求培养全面发展的音乐家. While our plan is to sufficiently prepare students who choose to pursue music degrees, 我们更广泛的目标是促进对音乐的终身热爱, 要么通过参与音乐创作, or through attendance 和 support of performances of various musical institutions 和 organizations. 通过音乐学习涉及铃木的方法, our highest goal is to aid in the development of good citizens 和 to foster a sensitivity to all that is beautiful in life.



  • To strive for excellence in musical technique by a method that has proved itself to be overwhelmingly successful in Japan, 美国, 全世界都是如此.
  • To allow each child to develop his or her capabilities to their fullest extent.
  • To foster an appreciation of music 和 a pride in the performance of music.
  • 培养一种音乐感
  • To contribute to the over-all development of sensitive 和 accomplished men 和 women.
  • 加强我们的社区, not only through public performances by the 澳门新葡游戏网铃木学校 (CSS), but by training students who will hold key positions in their school 管弦乐队s, 城市青年交响乐团, 教堂乐团, 我们自己的澳门新葡游戏网学院管弦乐团, 什里夫波特交响乐团.
  • To prepare students not only to enjoy their instruments as avocations, 而是为学生提供必要的理论工具, 乐团演奏, 视唱, 先进技术, 还有音乐敏感度, so that they may achieve success as music majors should they choose to pursue music at the undergraduate 和/or graduate levels.

项目负责人: Laura Crawford graduated from the University of Texas Austin with B.M. 和M.M. 小提琴演奏学位. Her pedagogy training was from the 美国n Suzuki Institute in Wisconsin, where Dr. 铃木新一亲自教授教育学课程, 以及菲利斯·杨领导的德克萨斯大学弦项目, who was President of the 美国n String Teachers’ Association at the time.

For more information about or to apply to the 澳门新葡游戏网铃木学校, visit http://www.centenarysuzuki.com/,请致电318与铃木学校管理员查尔斯·雷戈尔联系.869.5728,项目总监318.869.或赫尔利音乐学院办公室318-869-5235.




的 Centenary 钢琴预备课程 is a school of piano teaching endorsed by 赫尔利音乐学院 designed for students 年龄s 5-18. Its mission is to foster a love of music in each child that will last a lifetime 和 to provide each child the highest quality piano education possible. 的 Centenary 钢琴预备课程 offers a well-rounded education in piano that focuses upon proper technique, 健全的音乐曲目, 理论和实地阅读.


  • To develop students through private lessons in building solid technique 和 learning repertoire.

  • To teach music theory, basic keyboard skills, 和 sight-reading through group classes.

  • 为学生准备每年至少一个节日的表演.

  • 为学生准备每年的拉力赛理论考试.

  • To give a spring recital each year, in which all students participate.


For more information about the Centenary 钢琴预备课程 contact 赫尔利音乐学院 Office at 318-869-5235.

非歧视政策通知 的 institution does not discriminate in its educational 和 employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, 比赛, color, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 性取向, 国家或民族出身, 或者其他联邦政府禁止的理由, 状态, 或者当地法律.